one last post before the new year

I’m so thankful for such a great year. It’s been semi close to perfect — things have been smooth at work, home, family and friends. Really hope next year tops this year with more adventures, (good) challenges and food?

Have a great new year, all!


Goals for 2015?

Kevin and I were so excited about 2014 that we didn’t think much about 2015. I think one thing for sure is that we’re planning to get married and we’re going to Japan (foodie heaven)!! 🙂

That’s about it. Merry Christmas, all ❤

It’s almost the end of the new year??

I was going through my blog to see when was the last time I had anything to say… okay, that was awhile ago (since I landed my dream job at Priceline). Guess there’s been less to complain about =P

2014 was such a blessing. Let’s do it all over it again. ha, maybe. Just looking back, I took a ‘huge’ leap in my career where I decided to stop going down the ‘i hate my job’ route. After Kevin’s found his job at New York Life, we decided it was time for me to do the same and find a job that’s way more meaningful. Life is way too short to do things you don’t enjoy. I decided to quit without a secured job. Within days of the funemployment, I landed an internship opportunity at Priceline (hell yeah!)…. that was easy! I took the opportunity and never turned back since. The grass is greener on the other side and I’m getting some ROI from the MBA. After the internship opportunity, I was offered a full time role to work as an Associate Product Manager for the Hotels team. I really enjoy waking up to a job that I’m really passionate about since I dream of traveling day and night. Life is starting to make sense after all. 🙂

Well enough about work, let’s talk about traveling. My heart does not stop when it comes to traveling. Where did I travel to this year?

Portugal – We started the year in Portugal where we ate our hearts out. The food especially the Portuguese egg tarts and the seafood are out of the world amazing — to die for. The people are super friendly — everything was semi- perfect except for the weather. Lisbon is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe.

Cuba – this was a trip that I didn’t think we’d be able to pull off but we did! Kevin was definitely the scurred b/c he was afraid that we’d get trapped there but I assured him that we’d be able to open a great restaurant in Cuba if things didn’t work out. First we flew into Toronto, then caught another flight to Varadero which is a city with all the resorts. We spent a few days on the beach and then made our way to Havana where we had a lot of fun exploring different neighborhoods, including Chinatown. If anyone is interested on how we got to/from Cuba, I’d be happy to share the details of the trip. Looks like the US is opening up their policies to allow for travel to Cuba so it might not be so difficult after all. Nonetheless, it was an amazing trip — felt like we were lost in time.

Jamaica – after Cuba, we flew into Jamaica for Candy & Mike’s weddings! Wedding in paradise — ya, mon! Okay, I need to be frank with my audience or myself. Jamaica is definitely not my top travel destination. There’s just something about the vibe that I wasn’t a fan of. Glad I got to experience it to know so.

Hawaii – complete opposite of Jamaica…the real paradise! I had an absolutely amazing time with friends over Thanksgiving in Hawaii. We visited Oahu, Kauai and Maui. The trip was pretty perfect from weather to activities to food. It’s one of those things in life where it’s going to be awhile before that happens again. As we grow older and have more responsibilities in life, time is at a premium. It’s no longer about having enough money to do life’s wish list but more so about finding the time to do it.

I’ll try to post again next week to highlight what my goals are for next year…

oh wait, I forgot to mention one more thing about 2014, we got engaged! ❤ cheers xoxo

Goodbye Financial Services…

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I left my job at EY and it was probably the scariest (maybe bravest) thing I’ve ever done. I knew the career at EY wasn’t for me but I stuck it out for 5 years. Within the 5 years, I learned the importance of teamwork and hard work. I’ve made tons of friends and was assigned to a few cool projects but that wasn’t going to be good enough to keep me around. I wanted to pursue my passion in a career that was more exciting, interesting and meaningful to me. The answer is travel. If there’s one thing I could do while I’m eating, sleeping, breathing, or pooping, it’s travel (anything travel related). Yes, I like to travel but more importantly, I like to go through travel blogs, quotes, and websites to see what else I could learn about travel. I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead in 2014 🙂

Over the last 2 weeks, Diana and I went to Colombia because I’ve heard of many great things about the country (the food, culture, beach, people and activities). We mainly saw Cartagena and Santa Marta and didn’t get to make our way down south to Medellin or San Gil because it started to get cold and it was raining the entire time so we decided to go home earlier than planned. Either way, we had a great time and squeezed in some beach time! We decided to head to LA instead of going back home but for some odd reason, the flight was cancelled so we re-routed again to Orlando for a 2day trip to Universal Studios. February is an excellent time to visit the theme parks because there were no lines and we only had to wait about 10 minutes per ride (awesome!!). Even though there were barely any lines, it still took us the entire day to explore each park. I could imagine how much longer it would take with kids and more adults but I am excited to visit Orlando again in 10 years…! (mark my words) It was definitely a good way to unwind before coming home to more snow.

The heart will always be where home is, New York City. 

It’s a New Year!

2013 flew by. FAST! It seemed like it was yesterday when I was setting those fitness goals.

I’m really grateful for my family and friends. They’ve really stuck by me this year and I’m so thankful that they did because without their support, love and guidance, I’d be a complete mess.

2014 is a new year. Things are going to change and I’m going to make it happen because I’ve been simply dragging my feet and waiting for “things to fall in place.” Let’s face it, nothing’s going to happen, unless it’s done by myself.

I want to take bigger risks, push boundaries, defy limits and maybe make some more money along the way.

Quick recap of 2013:

– Finished my MBA (finally!) this was definitely a huge personal accomplishment

– Traveled way more than I could’ve imagined (Dubai, Oman, New Delhi, Singapore, Berlin, Riga, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Punta Cana and of course North Carolina) but the best part is that it was all done on points! [ask me how and I’d love to share some of my secrets]

– Moved into the city with Kev (yes, I’m paying rent!) and I’m loving every moment of it; it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when you move in with your significant other

– Picked up cooking; Kev and I try to make a new dish every week — I find the art of cooking to be therapeutic and he finds cleaning to be therapeutic (think we’ve got ourselves a match!)

If I stay physi…


If I stay physically healthy: eat well, sleep well, exercise.
If I stay emotionally healthy: being around positive people who love me and who I love.
If I stay mentally healthy: come up with 10 ideas a day. Read a lot.
If I stay spiritually healthy: always think of the things I feel grateful for and the things that bring abundance into my life.
— James Altucher