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7 Keys to Make a Relationship Work

Up until recently, I didn’t realize the importance of communication in a relationship. A misunderstanding can easily lead to an argument. Although arguments can sometimes be healthy for the relationship because it clarifies all the issues at hand but having them too often can be troublesome. Therefore, I learned that the foundation to a successful relationship builds from strong communication between the couple.

Kevin and I plan to work harder on our communication. This can be either through facetime (love!), text, late night chats, phone calls, sleepovers, emails etc. My point is, it can be done with little to no effort. We may need to compromise on a thing or two but isn’t that the point of relationships (to give and take). It may seem difficult at times because of our busy schedules but it’s totally doable.

Managing Success!!

A friend once told me that in order to be truly successful, you’ll need fulfillment and have balance in all aspects of your life:

  • Career – exploring options (needs the most work)
  • Family – working on the relationship w/ my brother
  • Health – strengthening my body
  • Finances – finding other ways to increase income
  • Relationships w/ friends & significant others – maintaining old relationships while creating new ones
  • Meaningful experiences – always looking for new things to try

I guess for me, I’m satisfied but I’m not content. I will need to strive and work towards fulfilling the happiness while finding balance in my life. I have a slight problem, I’m not easily satisfied, in fact, I hate being complacent. Okay is never good enough but at what point do I make the compromise to say, what I’ve done is great and it’s smooth sailing from here….

Happy New Year!

2011 was good but I have a feeling that 2012 will be even better!

Kevin and I have decided to make a list of things to accomplish together this year (this list is expected to grow throughout the year):

  • Visit Belize – Mayan ruins and snorkel in the Blue Hole
  • Tour Turkey and Ride a hot air balloon
  • Explore Greece via boat
  • Take more photos

Kevin’s goals:

  • Be ARGUS certified
  • Complete 4-5 NYU RE Classes
  • Kick-off photography gig
  • Maintain a 6-pack through a healthy lifestyle
  • Follow his passion

My goals:

  • Learn to drive manual and hopefully buy a car
  • Retake the GMATs
  • Be fit and tone up
  • Take a risk
  • Complete Project 365