I simply love to travel!

Words can’t express my love for traveling. I’m not sure what it has done to me, but I know that it has made become a globetrotter. Truth be told, I’ve learned many lessons while traveling — things that may not be explicitly stated in textbooks and I like it. Is it really possible to find a job that I truly love?


stayed in this weekend

2 full days indoors and we loved it!

Kevin has been swamped with his graduate studies + long work hours which leaves no time for hobbies or me! On second thoughts, I could say that I’m proud of him because he’s actually pursuing his passion, that is, real estate development/finance. The fact that he’s taking on this 2 year risk will give him plenty of exposure to the industry and network. (go kevin!) Although I’m not nearly as busy as he is, I’m still finding ways to keep myself preoccupied. Grad school apps are still in my thoughts at the moment but let’s see how far I’ll take it this year.

Friday night, we went to Sushi Akio (fka Sushi Yasu) because we had a $50 gift certificate upon spending $100 so we each ordered the $50 omakase. Boy was the fish FRESH. The restaurant was previously owned by Japanese owners so they had a larger variety of sushi and a more knowledgeable chef. We had a great time because we had lots of fish and by the time we received our 15th sushi, we were over the top. Our favorite was the sweet shrimp. The head is completely deep fried and the body is .. sweet. After dinner, we ended up walking back because neither of us owns a car. Kevin’s been searching for a new car for months now.. lol

Today, we decided to venture to a new restaurant in his neighborhood, Cheburechnaya, an Uzbek/Russian restaurant. It was simply delicious! At first, Kevin was very reluctant to go in. The windows are pretty tinted so we have no idea what’s going on inside other than the huge space that they’re occupying.

Me: “hey, this is it. Let’s go!”
KK: “uhmmm, are you serious?!”
Me: “yeah, I wanted Russian”
KK: “ohhhhhhh myyyy gossssssh!”
Me: ::hehehehe:::

Let’s see, we ordered a few dishes to try:
– Pumpkin samcy
– Mushroom chebureki
– Lamb Ribs Shish Kebab
– Lamb Kebab
– Lamb Meat on a Kebab








The total came out to $13. We’d definitely go back so if you’re ever in Rego Park, that’s where we’re taking you!

What a lovely weekend.

Being sick totally stinks!

Gahhhhhhh I hate it when I’m sick because it feels like the world has fallen down on me. 

Health – 1 and Crsie – 0. 

totally got my butt kicked by this fever/sore throat. haven’t eaten in 4 days. it’s unbelievable — how do anorexic people do it? I commend you. I miss eating so much 😦 so, if you ever want to lose weight, get sick… (not! it’s so not healthy for you)

I’ve been sweating so much in my sleep that I wake up thinking that I might’ve done hot yoga in my sleep (if that’s even possible). My shirt would usually be wet when I wake up. It’s a bit atrocious.

thanks Kev if you’ve been fanning me off in my sleep. ZzzzzzzzZzzzzz