It’s a New Year!

2013 flew by. FAST! It seemed like it was yesterday when I was setting those fitness goals.

I’m really grateful for my family and friends. They’ve really stuck by me this year and I’m so thankful that they did because without their support, love and guidance, I’d be a complete mess.

2014 is a new year. Things are going to change and I’m going to make it happen because I’ve been simply dragging my feet and waiting for “things to fall in place.” Let’s face it, nothing’s going to happen, unless it’s done by myself.

I want to take bigger risks, push boundaries, defy limits and maybe make some more money along the way.

Quick recap of 2013:

– Finished my MBA (finally!) this was definitely a huge personal accomplishment

– Traveled way more than I could’ve imagined (Dubai, Oman, New Delhi, Singapore, Berlin, Riga, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Punta Cana and of course North Carolina) but the best part is that it was all done on points! [ask me how and I’d love to share some of my secrets]

– Moved into the city with Kev (yes, I’m paying rent!) and I’m loving every moment of it; it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when you move in with your significant other

– Picked up cooking; Kev and I try to make a new dish every week — I find the art of cooking to be therapeutic and he finds cleaning to be therapeutic (think we’ve got ourselves a match!)


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