Chinese Valentine’s Day


In celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I’d like to dedicate this post to the one person who has made me feel unstoppable. I like you because

10 – you’re down to earth but appreciate really nice things.

9 – you’re kind to everyone around you.

8 – you prioritize your family over friends.

7 – you completely go out of the way to pick me up from the other side of the world.

6 – you let me order for two and you eat for one and a half.

5 – you let me win even when you know I’m wrong.

4 – you’re supportive of everything I do (for the most part).

3 – you give me the best hugs and tell me that I’m #1.

2 – you make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

1 – you have a heart of gold.


thank you. ❤ you’re the best thing that ever happened to me because you make me a better person without changing who I am.


Recap of 2012-2013

It’s been awhile since I posted and I have no excuse but it’s been nothing but an awesome year so no complaints!

I embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Started an MBA program at Fuqua School of Business which was a personal goal and it’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve met some great people and learned a lot from them. Of course in between, there was some traveling (Shanghai, Dubai, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Riga and good ol’ Durham). Now to land the dream job is the next big goal!…wish me luck 🙂

Kevin on the other hand has had great luck in his endeavor. He left EY about a year ago, took a huge pay cut at a boutique investment bank specializing in commercial real estate, and then landed his dream job at the real estate investment arm of an insurance company. Not to mention, he’s 2 semesters shy of finishing up his Masters at NYU! To top it off, Kevin and a few of his real estate buddies started a real estate investment business and great things have resulted from this venture (and it’s only the beginning)… more to come!

In our personal lives, we constantly make the effort to meet up with family, friends, new/old coworkers, classmates and business partners which consume a TON of our time but we really enjoy it so it naturally becomes a part of us. Needless to say, we’ve received a number of wedding invitations and for the first time this year, we gracious declined to attend due to a conflict. However, we did attend a few fun weddings this past year — Alicia/Tom’s in Ann Arbor, Kim/Herman’s in LA, Lily/Nelson’s in Vegas (banquet is coming up in NYC), and Christina/Adam’s in Punta Cana. Lots of our friends are slowly getting engaged left and right and we’re so happy for all of them! (no pressure for us here) Can’t wait for more celebrations to come.

For our two year anniversary, Kevin suggested to fly to Russia to “surprise” me for the fourth of July — I thought he was crazy. Honey, that must’ve been the sweetest thing any guy has done for me. He spent more time in air than eating caviar/drinking vodka in Russia! Thank you for being so sweet 🙂 Of course I took the liberty of being tour guide and buying him nice meals at fast food chains to experience the local culture.

I’m a bit bummed that summer is almost over. Summer is my favorite season because it’s the only time of year where I look “normal” and also because I get to rock the flip flops, show off my pedicure, and walk around in shorts. My skin tone is naturally darker than the average Chinese but I like it! Must make the most out of it…

CHEERS to the remainder of 2013!