the month of March — what a roller coaster ride!!

It’s been a wild ride. March was definitely rough on me. Just a quick recap of the events that occurred:

  • Grandma turned 80 something, guess one stops counting after some time
  • Went to the first “Wong” family dinner in East Broadway where my dad sang in front of 500 ppl -shameless!
  • Bought a new Wii game — Just Dance 3. I love that game because it really gets me going. Spent weekends playing the game with the family. Jess came over with Aunt Cathy to play and we had a blast laughing our butts off!
  • Kevin took me to Parm for an amazing birthday cake — in fact, it might’ve been the best. homemade ice cream cake (last year, he unknowingly brought me to Spot at midnight or maybe he knew)
  • On my actual birthday, enjoyed a delightful brunch at Jane with my favorite ladies – I really like the small gatherings; actually get to hear what ppl have to say. It was also Kelly’s last weekend before moving to LA for a new job and Diana’s first weekend home from her 2 month long backpacking adventure. sad that it was actually one of our last weekends together. glad we spent it over yoga and brunch.
  • Later that night, Kevin and I dined at Kajitsu — vegetarian Japanese cuisine. It was simply delicious and light but a bit over priced. he bought me a yellow daisy.
  • Excited to be one of Alicia’s bridesmaids, coordinated the bridal party and bachlorette party for a weekend in August and bought the dress (woohoo!)
  • There were a bunch of work happy hours and dinners which I attended… great time to catch up with ppl who I haven’t seen in awhile
  • Amy and Andrew go apartment hunting — major step in their lives (extremely excited for them); kinda feels like I am buying the place with them lol — they’ve landed their dream home and are going through with the purchase!!
  • Applied to Duke MBA Cross Continent Program – yes, you heard me. round 3. it’s a “part-time” MBA with lots of global exposure, something which I’ve always been interested in so I’ve decided to apply. It was a huge career decision but we’ll find out in about a month. Relieved that the application process is complete. Now, the hardest part is the waiting.
  • Kevin underwent LASIK surgery!! I was a bit nervous for him but he says it’s cake. It was interesting because we had to do lots of heavy lifting prior to the surgery which meant negotiating with the ‘finance’ guy. That place was a complete mess and the only reason we followed through was because all our friends went there and given all that the doctor had lots of experience, we stayed. $3000 is still worth it at the end of the day for the 20/20 vision. He gets to wake up and see me everyday @_@
  • Devoured 10 dozen of oysters at Essex restaurant with Kevin’s cousins. Made me really miss my college days. It’s so great to be young. who am I kidding, I’m still young!
  • Drove to Staten Island to pay Kevin’s accountant a visit even though mom offered to do it for free! Anyhow, visited Grandma along the way since their big move from Chinatown. They don’t love their place because it’s so distant from the world but it’s a gorgeous house. I hope they stay.
  • Kevin bought a car!! Volkswagen GTI baby 2001 black on black – he has spent many pennies since he bought the car. Hopefully, that will be it for the time. Goal is learn to drive stick ASAP!
  • Dined with Rob/Amy at the Hummus Place after Kevin’s successful coaching session with Rob; it was fun – definitely enjoyed their company. Though, we did have a black homeless guy come up to us and begged for money and Rob managed to blow him off nicely through his fine ‘sales’ pitch.
  • Went to karaoke for Jenny’s birthday and met a few of her fellow Princetonians – they were mainly Chinese teachers that were putting my Chinese to shame. I picked a few songs to practice at home to improve on Chinese!!
  • Met up with Diana at 11pm since she had to close the shop while waiting for Kevin til 11:30pm on a Saturday; he took me to Tertulia afterwards – it was good but not phenomenal like Traif or Mercat
  • Nelson (Kevin’s brother) got engaged!! Met Lily’s entire family which is humongous — the kids are super adorable.
  • Stopped by the VW dealership at 7am to drop off Kevin’s car and rode the LIRR to work (took a solid 24 minutes on the express train) wouldn’t mind that commute at all! $10 for a one way trip is a bit steep but $220 for a monthly pass is definitely doable.
  • Squeezed in a few yoga sessions — my go to haven for peace and quiet. more reflection time.
  • Kevin’s been slated for a TAS project which requires him to work 230498 hours in a day. Wish I could be there to keep him company.
  • Signed up for a 5k in Coney Island in June with Amy and Diana~!!
  • Closing March with a bang — Josie’s new job happy hour and Ridge’s birthday party on the same day! lovely.

At first, I thought I didn’t do much in March but once I started typing, I realized that I may have done a little more than expected. 🙂

Cheers!! Hope your March madness was as fulfilling, if not, more.