To my surprise, I’ve been accepted to Duke’s Cross Continent MBA program. I also chose not to share the news to my friends/family because of the fear of rejection but I did work on those essays long and hard.. Glad it paid off 🙂

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it feels surreal. Maybe because the month of March felt a bit weak to me. I’ve been getting rejections left and right. The feeling of “rejection” is quite discouraging and squashes any self-esteem you may have. However, I’ve grown stronger, learned from my mistakes, and focused on going forward.

This weekend was quite stressful for me because this is probably one of the biggest decisions I will ever make. I also told myself that I wouldnt think about Duke until I get into the program. Here I am, “congratulations and please deposit by 4/24 for a seat for next class.” no pressure. Thought about this day and night, if I don’t go, what better things can I be doing with my time? If I’m not being productive, I should go! What are my long term goals? How can this benefit me and outweigh the costs? not easy questions to answer…

check out their video: i am sold..!!

I’m really thankful to be surrounded by awesome family and friends. They’ve been nothing but great support. I decided to move forward with the application after thorough rationalization with friends and family.

This a huge milestone for me because I’ve dreamt of this day since the senior year of high school (not kidding)! Now that it’s here, im not 100% sure if I want it that bad anymore. On the plus side, after completing this program, I’ll need to work on my next big goal! In the meantime, will focus on the present and appreciate the people around me.

… waiting for EY to acknowledge the program!

Thanks for all your love!