We made it to ONE year! wheeeeeeeee










It was a lovely first time at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Our first course were the fresh vegetables from the garden.






Dinner started at 6pm and we didn’t leave till it was 10pm! That’s some serious dining.He gave me a mini speech which I’ve saved. 🙂


Some of our favorite dishes from the night! Chocolate live, fresh summer salad, and organic chicken. The ambiance of the barn is so beautiful.


Brief visit to the greenhouse / farm. It’s pretty amazing to see how many animals and vegetables they stored. Would like to have a green house one day to grow vegetables. This probably means I’d have to work from home!




Now that we’ve gone through the photos, I can speak a little more about us. Feel free to drop off at any point. It never crossed my mind that we would not make it to one year but nonetheless, we did and it was worth celebrating. After our first month celebration at Annisa, Kevin told me to not get used to this ‘happy anniversary’ stuff because it’s really for high-schoolers. Anyhow, it is an accomplished milestone which I’m happy about but I’m sure there’s more to look forward to. We both have big goals we’re working towards and hopefully none of this will get in the way our relationship. Open communication really is key because once you start sharing thoughts and ideas with the other one, it helps with the decision-making process.

Thank you for being so patient and supportive throughout. It certainly takes a lot of effort to keep me grounded and focused.





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