Cruising though the Mediterranean

It’s been years since Ive taken a cruise and I’ve finally decided to go on vacation with my parents! I live with them so I really don’t need to take time off to spend it with them but anyhow told them that I’d go on a cruise with them if they decide to go around the Mediterranean. Surprisingly, she agreed mainly because we had way too many miles to burn. We picked a boat based on the itinerary and ship’s reputation (this was before the Costa incident earlier this year). I knew Santorini had to be a destination because it’s probably the most spoked about destination. After some research, we came across the Costa Fascinosa which is supposed to make its debut in May 2012. Brand new ship, great itinerary, different sites, okay I’m in! Amy suggested to upgrade to a balcony but the price difference between interior and balcony was $400 pp which wasn’t worth it since we wouldn’t be on the boat for long (we’ll be on land for the most part). Maybe if I were to take an around the world trip, I’d upgrade to a balcony room. Retirement gift ?

Our itinerary as follows:
1 Venice – spent a few extra days here bc dad and Kevin have never been but not much to see
2 Bari – a very not so exciting city that can be explored in an hour by foot
3 Olympia / katakolon – first Olympic torch was lit.. Not many remains of the ruins are left
4 Santorini – breathtaking !!
5 at sea – Italian independence day
6 Dubrovnik – stunning views “Adriatic pearl”

I couldn’t have asked for a better itinerary. We spent a majority of the time on land so I didn’t feel bored at all. The food was absolutely delicious. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t recognize me after the huge weight gain!! On a typical night, I’d order 2 appetizers, soup, salad, pasta, main course, ice cream and 2 desserts. Mom has been on 13 cruises and she says Costa has the best food by far. I thought maybe its because the Italians really value their meals so it’s important the chefs place a heavy emphasis on the quality of the food. The service was impeccable. Only thing we were missing were our friends. It wouldve been really fun had our friends been there with us because we partied at night! What’s awesome are the many night clubs that we got to choose from. What’s funny is that Kevin and I started jumping to techno/house music to “no hablo americano” the one song that we knew and everyone was doing their side to side swings. Anyway, we left after a few songs. The next night, some lady came up to Kevin and said hey why didn’t you stay at the club? You’re one of the few that actually knew how to dance! Lmao….

After this experience, I’d definitely go on a cruise again. It’s really headache free. No need to think about meals, agendas, programmes, or activities! Next time, we’ll need to bring more people! Oh maybe we’ll learn some Italian too. The most painful part of this ship was that everyone spoke Italian so we had to wait for the English translation. The loud speaker would broadcast the announcement in Italian, French, German, Spanish, then English! We joked a few times that we’d be the last to evacuate during an emergency because we have no idea what they’re saying.

Photos will be on Facebook shortly…!


2 thoughts on “Cruising though the Mediterranean

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun…!! You go so often, not many ppl has as much flexibility to catch you on these vacations!

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