Roaming in Rome

After missing our first flight from New York, I vouch to never show up “late” to the airport even if that means getting there two hours in advance.
We made it Rome! Arrived early and met my parents at their hotel. We spent the day exploring the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps. It was a long hot restless day especially since we only got two hours of sleep on the airplane. The sites were pretty amazing but I’m not sure I loved it. Kevin enjoyed the sites but would have preferred an extra day to slowly appreciate all the sites.
Lunch was at a restaurant close by the colosseum which was pretty decent. Even with the favorable exchange rate (€1 to $1.25), lunch ended up to be €60 when we only ordered a few plates of pasta! A few summers ago when I was here in Europe, I was getting €1 to $1.60! Oh man, hope things will start to recover for the European Union. Guess more shopping for me.
one of my favorite photos b/c mom reminds me of the leaning tower of pisa! lol Image
Pretty pumped about the cruise tomorrow. I’m so glad we made it to Venice!
good night all.

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