Rub a Dub Dub

Next day, it was more time for walking. Many people suggest that we visit the Grand Bazaar. Took us some time to actually find the place because we didn’t bother to take out the maps while we were walking.

When we got there, we were not so impressed because it was ringing with tourist trap!! Honestly, it reminded me of every other bazaar I’ve seen. Lots of counterfeit items, souvenirs, items with Turkey all over it. Name it and you’ll probably find it there. It’s a great place for souvenirs and stuff to bring home but sorry friends, I didn’t get to buy much or anything for that matter. I did find a few fake chanel bags and thought about getting one. It was nice getting lost in the huge maze because every aisle looked the same. Best part, we walked out and ended up on a different side street where the locals shopped. Everything was much cheaper, but still nothing for me. We kept walking and walking for a good 3o minutes on their streets which was similar to Old Delhi but not as chaotic. There were no signs so we had no idea where we were going but somehow we ended up inside another bazaar but this time, it’s the spice bazaar. First, I thought wow after wandering through so many side streets, how did we end up where we started. Again, tourist trap. It’s nice to see how they lined up all the spices but I’m curious to know what if somewhere were to sneeze, what would happen with the spices? Would it get blown away or would all the germs stay on the spices. Either way, the thought deterred me from buying any of it.

One place that wasnt stressed in the many guides was the Basilica Cistern. It was a very simple tourist site but I really liked it. The place was an underground site with many tall columns filled with 2 feet of water. I believe it may be called the underground palace. It’s amazing how they came up with it or built it. Kevin says its a failed subway station, ha. I’d recommend people to explore it since its right next to the Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque.

Think we’re quite done with the site seeing at this point…

Next stop, the Turkish bath (hamami). Kevin has been dreading this because the idea of having a guy scrub him made him squeal. Ok let me explain, it’s a pretty simple process, you select a package (DIY, assistance, or assistance/massage). We bought the middle package because for $10 more, some one would be scrubbing the crap off me. Male and female had their separate sections so that made things easy. So, they provide a locker, towel, a scrubbing cloth, and bikini bottom. After you get changed, a big lady walks you into the bath house and asks you to take off the towel and lie on the center piece of marble for 20 minutes. This reminded me of hot yoga, my body was naturally sweating without moving around much. I couldn’t help but to look around because this isn’t something that I was used to. Most of the people were a bit older so they were comfortable with their bodies. Maybe I’m just self conscious. I remember going to Spa Castle with Amy and she asked to bath in the naked area. I definitely turned her down a few times and then finally caved in. Anyway, 20 minutes later, the lady that walked me in there, came in and poured a bucket of water on me. Let the scrubbing begin!! It was a nice bubble bath because the lady was great with scrubbing. I saw the black dirt come off my skin. This is exactly what I needed after walking so much. Met up with Kevin afterwards to see what he thought and he absolutely hated it! Poor guy said it was an awful experience because the guy rushed it and kept insisting for a tip. At least one of the two enjoyed the experience. I thought it was definitely worth it. Probably wouldn’t need to shower for the next couple of days! Just kidding.


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