Faulty operations! Third time’s the charm.

The day is finally here!! I’ve been excited about traveling to Turkey since the crazy backpacking trip in 2008. I always thought I’d need 2-3 weeks to explore but since I cant hold it any longer, I’m taking the one week.

Here goes our story:

Shortly after dinner say 730pm, Kevin and I jumped into the car and started driving to JFK for the 935 flight to Frankfurt. Mom asked if we printed boarding passes and said no because we needed to check in our bags anyway. When we arrived at terminal, I kept running around like a crazy kid looking for Singapore airlines’ check-in window. Then we asked a few to agents to see where they were and it turns out the check-in was closed…my reaction was wtf it’s only 830pm. Checked the board and it said the flight is departing at 835. My next reaction was oh fantastic where was my notification?! Then we hear final boarding call for our flight. Great……no boarding passes mean no going through security

So what did I do? Took out the iPhone, panicked for a bit, and called everywhere. First called my dad to ask him to pop a U-ey then spoke with Continental to see how we could connect to the next flight. At one point i even told Kevin that we wont make the cruise! Ha, he called me a drama queen. Next best option was to fly out the next day at Newark. Phew relieved! Treated ourselves to see a movie – the dictator.

The next day, Derrick drove us to Newark airport. Learned our lesson and arrived 3hours early! I was excited to be holding boarding passes. After a couple hours of walking around aimlessly, we preceded to board a giant aircraft holding 250 passengers. Then half an hour after later, the captain says on the PA, “ladies and gents, due to technical issues, we will not be able to take off in 30mins or 3 hours. It will take some time to fix this problem” we took our time getting off the plane thinking we’d get back on in a few hours. After we got off, We proceeded to ask an agent to see what’s going on and she said the flight is cancelled. Another wtf moment…it was already 6pm and our options were extremely limited considering the time of year, time of day, all those business/first class folks, number of passengers, and my urgency to be in Turkey!! Nothing was in our favor. Oh yeah, kevin’s phone died a few hours so we didn’t have 2 phones with Internet!! Wahhhhh I wanna go on vacation already.

Due to the lack of communication from the airline, no one knew what was going on, where to go, and the only thing we saw were huge lines. Oh, I’ve done this before. CALL CONTINENTAL ASAP!! After spending 2 hours on the phone, waiting 4 hours in lime for who knows what, feeling completely hopeless, draining the battery on my phone, I was able to convince the agent to put us on the 11:55pm flight from JFK. You should’ve seen me – had the phone in one ear while asking the staff questions on the other end and finding ways to get out ASAP with Kevin’s phone. I was so drained from figuring out the logistics. At that point it was 9:45pm and again I felt like I was playing with fire because the distance from Newark to JFK isn’t exactly close but it sure is worth trying! Lufthansa offered to pay for the cab. We ran to the taxi and asked the driver to fly us JFk and one other driver said no, that’s not possible. Told him we should try anyway!! Ahhhhh

Just to rewind, Kevin’s phone started to work around 8pm but it was still low on battery. He was super helpful in the process because he had me handle the entire situation (not being sarcastic here lol). While I was in line, he picked up our luggage, bought dinner, and roamed around for solutions. This is why I will always need a travel partner in crime. The process would’ve been 100x worse had I been alone.

Back to the ride, cab driver was nuts! He drove like there’s no tomorrow. We were asked to buckle down and then the next thing we knew, he was serving in and out of lanes. What an amazing driver because we got to JFK in40mins. Yessssssss! Woot. Tipped the driver $20 for all his hard work. Im finally on the plane.

Lessons learned:
-always print out your boarding pass/check flight status regardless of whether you checked baggages or not
-arrive early (I usually like getting there right on time but I see why it’s worth it)
-keep your smart phone closer to you than your passport and make sure its fully charged
-download a few handy apps to manage your travel needs (I relied heavily on Tripit, Kayak, and a few airplane sites)
-remain calm

Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures…oh did i mention that we missed our domestic connection and it’s been rebooked twice?


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