Being sick totally stinks!

Gahhhhhhh I hate it when I’m sick because it feels like the world has fallen down on me. 

Health – 1 and Crsie – 0. 

totally got my butt kicked by this fever/sore throat. haven’t eaten in 4 days. it’s unbelievable — how do anorexic people do it? I commend you. I miss eating so much 😦 so, if you ever want to lose weight, get sick… (not! it’s so not healthy for you)

I’ve been sweating so much in my sleep that I wake up thinking that I might’ve done hot yoga in my sleep (if that’s even possible). My shirt would usually be wet when I wake up. It’s a bit atrocious.

thanks Kev if you’ve been fanning me off in my sleep. ZzzzzzzzZzzzzz


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