Managing Success!!

A friend once told me that in order to be truly successful, you’ll need fulfillment and have balance in all aspects of your life:

  • Career – exploring options (needs the most work)
  • Family – working on the relationship w/ my brother
  • Health – strengthening my body
  • Finances – finding other ways to increase income
  • Relationships w/ friends & significant others – maintaining old relationships while creating new ones
  • Meaningful experiences – always looking for new things to try

I guess for me, I’m satisfied but I’m not content. I will need to strive and work towards fulfilling the happiness while finding balance in my life. I have a slight problem, I’m not easily satisfied, in fact, I hate being complacent. Okay is never good enough but at what point do I make the compromise to say, what I’ve done is great and it’s smooth sailing from here….


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