Wafels, frites, mussels, beer, and chocolate! — Brussels galore

I like long layovers because it gets me a sneak peak of whether I would like to revisit the country. It was also great for a shopping stop (thanks for getting the VAT). Brussels was definitely one of my favorite in Europe because of the delicious food!! omg, I can’t emphasize how much I enjoy eating – ahh the decadent flavors. We started the morning with a few wafels from the stands en route to the hotel. Then we grabbed a hot chocolate, next thing you know we were on line for some of the best fries in Brussels. Supposedly “french fries” originated in Belgium because “french” means slice and “frites” means sliced potates and when we put the two together, we get french fries. I also made the silly mistake of asking a Belgian where I can get French fries (oops!). It was definitely fun and will be back for more food.



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