Return from India

I lost the post that I had drafted for India but this post probably won’t be half as good.

Kevin and I spent 2 full weeks in India, covering Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur. These were all fascinating cities with personalities of their own. The country is filled with vibrant colors. For example, Jodhpur is known as the Blue City, Jaisalmer is the Golden City, and Jaipur is the Pink City. These colorful cities make up a very beautiful country, India.  My experience there was magnificent. It was definitely a very eye-opening experience. Coming from someone who has traveled extensively, the people and culture were a bit shocking to me. People were awfully nice and generous. The hospitality was impeccable. Nowhere, have I been treated so greatly without a penny in return. The air was a bit dusty – picked my nose and my boogies were dark grey. The food was delicious, even though I was craving my pork fried rice on day 3. Yes, the food was extremely spicy – even the folks that loved spicy couldn’t handle it. Their words were “spicy in, spicy out.”

Every morning, I had a dosa (pan fried dough) with a cup of masala chai. It was really good to wake up to a breakfast buffet every morning for two weeks. We also had a private driver that took us all the highlights and key spots in India. It was a good life for cheap.

The income disparity is wide but the country is flourishing at great speeds. One thing I couldn’t help notice was the poor infrastructure that was in place. If I were an investor, I’d invest heavily in raw supplies, construction, and mobile/telecommunications in India (will explain mobile later). There is lots of potential for growth and I’m bullish on their economy.


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