Chicago – Oct 8 – 11th

It’s been awhile since I’ve been away. Typically, I try to get out of the city every 3 months to shake things up for me and this summer, I have been held back for a number of reasons, namely, my career.

To keep things short and sweet, Kevin and I decided to take a training class in Chicago for a couple of days in October. This was going to be our first trip together (how exciting!). It would be a great time to visit Alicia, a close friend of mine and the city itself since I’ve been longing to visit.

Since attending training was not definite, I decided to make reservations at a famous molecular gastronomy restaurant known as, Alinea. It supposedly is the best restarurant in the US but would never know because I’ve only tried a handful of well-known places.

I arrived Friday night and had the opportunity to catch up with Alicia and her fiancee Tom. They live in a very cute loft with high ceilings, large windows and wooden panels. Next day, Alicia and I ventured into the ‘burbs only to find that Hot Dougs was closed for “columbus’ days.” It was pretty ridiculous that the shop is closed an entire week for a holiday that we rarely celebrate. Guess I’m heading back to Chicago to try this place out and hopefully, it won’t be an obscure holiday.


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