3 whooping months!

Kevin and I have been officially dating for over 3 months. Everything has been marvelous and I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better guy than himself for many reasons.

Many people have asked how we met and although our story isn’t the most fascinating one, it’s still our story. We first met in college – Binghamton University. He was in his senior year and I was a new freshman on campus. Our first meet was probably a blur but I’m sure it along the lines of a greek party since he is in a fraternity, Nu Alpha Phi. (Never thought I’d ever date a typical AZN but he sure proved me wrong) But how we actually started talking is because we work at the same firm. Even though he’s a couple years older than I am, I’ve never worked directly for him. He’s currently a Manager 🙂

Kevin invited me to his birthday party last year through a facebook message and I kindly responded saying that I’d stop by. Everyone knows I’m not the biggest party animal but if he personally reached out, I think it’s worth the effort to swing by. Unfortunately, that night, my grandma was emitted into the hospital because she had ulcer pains. Jess and I spent the day there and I was exhausted by night time so I never made it to Kevin’s party.

A month later, I was unassigned so an old friend and I went to grab lunch at Yum Yum Thai Restaurant. It wasn’t the first time I ran into Kevin there but I made the effort to stop by for a small chat because in the back of my mind, I did not make it to his birthday party. I told him that I’d stop by for a chat since I have more free time. Stopped by his desk the following day, we caught up. Neither of us thought much about the conversation so we preceded to go on with our lives. One night, I asked if he wanted to walk back with me because I was headed towards the hospital and I knew he lived in the area. Like a true gentleman, he took me inside the hospital and rode the elevator with me. That shocked me because I didn’t know of any guys that would do such a thing. Added him to BBM! Then our relationship took off…

I must admit, he’s an absolute sweetheart and he genuinely means well. fantastic find!

It’s been 3 months only because he was hesitant the first 4 months of dating…but I’m glad everything worked out. We have big plans ahead of us. Hopefully, our career plans will bring us to bigger and better futures. Can’t wait to explore the many places with him!

He’s also an uncle! what an oldie 😛

Next week we’re heading to Chicago for training. We’ve also made dinner reservations at Alinea, a 3-star Michelin restaurant, known for the molecular gastronomy dining experience. In Chicago, we’ll be meeting up with Alicia and Tom to congratulate them on their engagement!

Then we have Halloween — my first halloween party in the city??! I was thinking of being a bunny and Kevin could be a turtle and we could carry a finish line. He’s also moving out that weekend so things should be a bit hectic with packing and moving.

For the two weeks in Thanksgiving, we will be exploring India — my last world wonder!! No turkey for thanksgiving but lots of curry. It’s going to be very interesting because I heard the country is beyond what one could imagine. I’m also really excited because we’ll be crashing a wedding with our friends Lucy and Vadim. Before heading home to NYC, we’re making a quick layover in Brussels for some delicious mussels, fries, chocolate and beer. It’s also going to be Kevin’s first time in Europe. He’ll love the Europeans.

We don’t have many plans for Christmas but I think it’ll be a great idea for us to do some mini road trips in the Northeast area to experience the festivities around us.

Then for his birthday, I wanted to surprise him but I’m not very good with keeping secrets so I told him last night that I’ll be taking him to Belize. SURPRiSE, better BELIZE it! LOL Should be fun, a territory that neither of us has explored. I was debating between Belize and Punta Cana but he was getting fed up because I kept poking at the “all-inclusive” factor. Hope it works out!!

That’s our story so far. to be continued…


2 thoughts on “3 whooping months!

  1. This is such a sweet post!!! And a great idea that you documented with such detail. I can barely remember how Andrew and I started – he always tells me ABC happened and I can faintly remember. How sad, especially since I’m sure it was one of my happiest days. I need to eat more fish.

    I’m glad you documented and doing this blog for the two of you. Didn’t know you were such a romantic person Christine 🙂

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